Come to Macedonia


 And a vision appeared to Paul in the night: There was a man of Macedonia standing, beseeching him, and saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us. And when he had seen the vision, straightway we sought to go forth into Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel unto them. Acts 16:9-10

By reading this vibrant story that happened to the great apostle Paul and his companions, we understand that when it comes to helping and reaching out to those in need with the gospel, everything is born in the heart of God. He is the one who sends us and who moves us and drives us to help and to announce the good news. It is His Spirit that works in our hearts, that speaks to us and makes us get up and move for the good of His work.

The important thing is to be sensitive to His voice and His heavenly vision. It is our constant prayer that the Holy Spirit moves the hearts of many to continue helping and praying for this work in India, which was certainly born in the heart of God.

Prayer request

Let’s pray for Brother Tim and his family, who is carrying out the missionary work in Leh, Ladak Region, in the Indian Himalayas. Lately he has been a victim of heavy persecution and censorship by the local authorities, after being denounced by radical Buddhists for evangelizing. For this reason, every week he must appear and sign in at a local police station. He currently lives with his family in a house that also serves as a church, where several other families congregate. But this house is in a neighborhood that is very exposed, and we need a new place where they can live and meet with more freedom. Let’s pray that this will soon become a reality with a decreased threat of persecution so our brother can continue preaching the gospel.

Pray for Sunny and Pastor Fares and their families, as they are working together as a team in the Kashmir region, especially in its capital Srinagar. Their job is also very complicated, so as not to say dangerous, as they preach the gospel in the midst of radical Muslims. Believers meet quietly in homes or some other low-key safe places.

Brother Sunny is the one in charge of evangelism, while brother Fares is the one who pastors the congregation. The church currently meets in his house which only consists of two rooms, so a new place to meet is urgently needed. There is the possibility of renting a small room that is in a safe place, its cost is around $200 per month. Our brother Lakshman was visiting this place in Srinagar, where he also shared the Gospel with the believers, encouraged our missionaries, and gave them a gas stove for better heating.

Let us pray for the above and our brothers, their needs and their families. People always talk about reaching Muslims with the gospel; well, this is a great example of real missionary outreach. Kashmir is certainly a place where some of the most extremist Muslims exist, but at the same time, where the grace and love of God is touching and changing many lives. Do not forget them in your prayers.

Brother K

Let us continue praying for our brother K and his family and the work he leads in and around the city of Manaly, a mountainous area where the Hindus predominate. The church is still going there, led by our brother, but let’s pray for more help to come alongside him. It is not easy doing evangelism and pastoral work alone. Pray for resources, the right companion and that the Word may continue spreading. We were also able to bless our brother K and his family with a gas stove for heating.

Bridge of Love Project

Thanks to the Lord, our girls from the Puente de Amor project are all very well, studying with great enthusiasm since they are finishing up their final exams, to then start a new cycle. Let us pray for their maintenance needs to be provided for, as costs have increased significantly. School costs, transportation, food, clothing, etc. The economic crisis is noticeable and the missions suffer, but our faith is placed in our Lord Jesus Christ and He will never leave us, amen!

Let us pray in a special way for the realization of a new rescue. We have been praying for this since the end of last year. Let us pray that it will soon be a reality. The costs of this, the place, the contacts, etc. As we would like to carry out many more rescues, help us with your intercessory prayer so that many little ones can be free and know the Liberator of liberators, our beloved Lord Jesus. Amen.

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