Never Silenced

While Hindu nationalists seek to eradicate all Christian witnesses from India, the gospel cannot be silenced or stopped. Our brothers and missionaries in India continue to live boldly for Christ, joyfully paying any price for the sake of the gospel. Even through the COVID pandemic, the church of Christ continues to grow.

Ladakh (Himalayas Indios)


Ministering among the Buddhist people along the unstable northern Indian border region of Ladhak has proven to be difficult and slow, due in part to the war-like conflict along the Indo-China border that has not ceased and the freezing temperatures that have hampered the progress. Let us pray for our brother Dui, a young believer assigned to this difficult area that God will fill him with Faith.

Kashmir (North of India)

Kashmir (North of India)

Despite the persecution and how difficult it is to preach in Kashmir, our brother Sunny was able to celebrate Christmas and New Years with the participation of a small group of believers. It was a great opportunity to share the gospel with the Muslim community and the faithful believers of this new “house/church”. Pray for Brother Sunny and his family, that the Lord may bless them, keep them safe, and use them greatly for his kingdom.

Manali (North of India)

Due to COVID restrictions and freezing weather conditions this winter, our dear Brother Kishen is working with the church online; and keeping in close contact with the believers in Manali, and Brother Dui in Ladakh. Pray for Kishen and his family, especially his wife who is sick, pray that the Lord will bless them, keep them safe and use them with power.

Rishikesh (Banks of the Ganges River)

Pastor Nekpal and his family are ministering in one of the most important cities for Hinduism. Outside of that, there is a town about 120 km in the state of Yupi that he visits constantly; where we already have a congregation of 60 to 70 believers who regularly attend Sunday and prayer services. These services are held in an open space so pray that the Lord may provide a tent, or other enclosed space.

Punjab State

Our brother Abhishek, his wife, and the young congregation of believers are also experiencing the move of God and growth in this “house/church”. It is always a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with the villagers and church believers, where we can see genuine testimonies of conversion and healing. Let’s pray for these new believers.

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