My hope

While uncertainly is still experienced around the world not knowing what to expect in the near future, many people are putting their hope in the global health system or the financial aid their government can offer. Even though these things are good and support those who have been affected, nothing seems to be enough and many have lost hope.

Here we can ask ourselves these questions as believers: What do we expect of the future? Where or in what do we have our hope placed in? We want to encourage you to make a resolution, not a momentary one, but one for life. Let’s say it like the Word of God has taught us in Psalm 39:7, “In you Lord my hope is placed, I will wait on you”.

The missionary work continues and even more so in these times we wait with all our hearts on our Lord Jesus Christ; our Hope, He is everything to us. Despite this situation we are living in, we are very grateful to God, for his provision and the protection of our girls in India. Unfortunately, a second wave of infection has reached the country causing a notable increase in infections. Despite this, face-to-face classes at school have resumed after a year of no in person classes. You understand, if one gets sick, it can be very dangerous for the rest of the girls and others who work in the house. So we ask for your prayers specially for this circumstance.

On the other hand, we would also like to ask for your support in prayer as we intend to carry out a new rescue operation in the month of August. If it was already complex and difficult before a pandemic, it is even more so now.

Let us not lose heart and continue putting all our trust and hope in our Lord Jesus Christ; there is no need to fear. Greetings and hugs to all our brothers and friends who are always investing and supporting this work of faith.

In Christ;
Tomas and Simon /


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