This phrase is part of the national anthem of Ukraine, which was written in 1862. Certainly, these words describe the spirit of the Ukrainian people very well, that after 365 days of being invaded by the Russian army they have not given up nor do they intend to do so. It’s like the biblical story of the young David facing the giant Goliath. Let us pray for a miracle to happen and Ukraine to be set free from Russian oppression.

As a ministry, we feel very close to Ukraine as we have long-standing spiritual and familial ties since 1992, the year we were able to visit this beautiful country for the first time to preach the Gospel of Jesus, right after the Soviet Union collapsed ending more than 70 years of rule over Ukraine. Let us pray for the peace of Ukraine, for the innocent who suffer for no reason, for the people of God in this nation, for their freedom…a miracle is possible.